Monday, December 14, 2009

PaperWheel's Thank You Cards

When you have a couple side projects that have zero funding, you depend on the kindness of friends to lend a hand or expertise. I've been incredibly lucky over the last couple of years and my friends have stepped up big-time. During the holidays I take the time to write them thank you cards because it seems to mean a little more than just a verbal thank you. Of course, my go-to cards are from Sugar Paper but for Thank You cards, I use Elizabeth Weil's PaperWheel. Below are the cards I have been using this year. They're semi-macho, right? It's an Elephant after all. Those things can kill you in the jungle. Anyways, check out Paperwheel and send the friends who have helped you out this year a nice card.

Btw - I came across this one this morning and thought it was pretty awesome.