Friday, December 18, 2009

Kenny Kellogg's Best of 2009 (#15 - #11)

It's been a great year for music so I wanted to pass on my favorite 15 albums of the year. Big thanks to all my friends that surfaced these great records. Special shout out's go to 33 Forever, I'm All Ears, the Gonzo Gal. Below is a playlist that includes two songs from each album, a quick comment on each album and links to some YouTube videos where they are available. Hope you enjoy.

15. Pearl Jam (Backspacer) - Amongst the Waves and Just Breathe. Usually Pearl Jam discs grow on me quite a bit but these two songs are clearly the best on the album. Solid effort by PJ.

14. Gomez (A New Tide) - Bone Tired, Win Park Slope, Airstream Driver, Natural Reaction, and Little Pieces. One of my favorite bands to see live and it's great to see them producing a new album every couple of years. The album didn't really open up for me until I saw them live. Now I can't listen to it enough.

13. Monsters of Folk - Temazcal, Ahead of the Curve, The Sandman The Breakman..., Dear God, Say Please, and The Right Place. Who would have thought a folk super group would have worked so well. Loved their motto "We play folk so you don't have to," and they were incredible in concert at the Fox Theatre.

12. Blind Pilot (3 Rounds & A Sound) - I Buried a Bone, One Red Thread, Poor Boy, The Bitter End, The Story I Heard, and Go On Say It. Forgot who turned me onto these guys but they are pretty awesome. Sensitive, but awesome.

11. Conor Oberst - Cape Canaveral, Get Well Cards, Moab, and Souled Out. Another great concert experience seeing him play at Mezzanine from midnight to 2am. So much energy and talent.