Saturday, December 26, 2009

"Offend exactly the right people in exactly the right ways"

Great marketing lesson from Seth Godin below. His example is the Kindle but it really could be any great, new product. I tucked this one away to remember on my side projects.

"This a useful insight for anyone who markets anything--the people who buy the first generation of a product are more likely to be enthusiasts. They are more forgiving. They like new things. Bilton has tried to invent a trend by lining the items up in chronological order, but this is deceptive, both because of the number of reviews, but mostly because the people reviewing the new ones have a different agenda.

The Kindle has managed to offend exactly the right people in exactly the right ways. It's not as boring as it could be, it excites passions and it has created a cadre of insanely loyal evangelists who are buying them by the handful to give as gifts."