Friday, December 25, 2009

Kenny Kellogg's Best of 2009 (#10 - #6a & 6b)

We're continuing last weeks theme of my favorite albums of last year and selected songs. Here is a link to last week's list (#15 - #11). There is a master playlist below and then links to videos for specific songs (I embedded a couple really awesome ones). These albums are so good they could have easily been switched with the Top 5. Enjoy and Merry Christmas!

10. Bat for Lashes (Two Suns)- Daniel and Pearl's Dream. Just an amazing couple of songs. Intense, cool, and mysterious. Click through on the videos because they are worth it.

9. Camera Obscura (My Maudlin Career) - James and Sweetest ThingGonzo Gal introduced this band to me. I loved both of these songs. The Sweetest thing video is a great acoustic recording of them in studio.

8. Wilco (Wilco the Album) - Everlasting, One Wing, Wilco and You and I. Wilco always comes through. Nothing beats seeing them at the Greek Theater with friends as I did this year.

7. The Fruit Bats (Ruminant Band) - Primitive Man, Beautiful Morning Light, Being on Our Own, Ruminant Band and Flamingo33 Forever introduced me to these guys. He called it "Scott Orn music", which it is. Great discovery John.

6a. Where the Wild Things Are (Karen O) - All is Love, Worried Shoes, Food is Still Hot and Hideaway. I'm a huge Karen O fan and this soundtrack was amazing. I still haven't seen the movie but I will someday. I don't want to soil the soundtrack. Added bonus, she's terrific in concert.

6b. Blood Bank, Twilight Soundtrack & Volcano Choir (Bon Iver) - Blood Bank, Roslyn, Island IS, Beach Baby and The Woods. I decided to make a late edition to the list via a compilation of songs that Bon Iver released in 2009. They're my favorite band of the last couple of years and I listen to them all the time. I can't believe every one of these songs was considered a B-side and not worthy of a full release.