Monday, March 30, 2009

Twitter & Importance of Filters

All the publicity that Twitter received in the last few weeks left me with an early adopter hangover. I want all the online (& offline ) services I use to succeed, but I was a little sad to see Twitter go from a secret (relatively), that I was in on, to something the world was rapidly adopting. I've been no better than the guy in the back of the Fillmore crowd who claims the band was "better back in the day." Tonight, I ran through the posts of the people I follow, and found a few cool things.

Bob Dylan is releasing a new disc and his first single is free

Rick Wagoner of General Motors had been fired.

A friend of mine, LatteKelli passed her practice test.

All good stuff, but then I went over to Alex Bain's Favorites on my RSS Reader. Alex posts all of his favorite Twitters and other blog posts or YouTube Videos throughout the day. It's usually some of my most interesting daily reading and today I found a bunch of good stuff.

seth_barnburner: Love when Jay Bilas talks about street ball. He speaks from experience...the mean streets of Bio 303 at Duke.

bhalligan: The Fortune 500 churns at 8% per year. Only 50% of the Fortune 500 from 1995 is still in the Fortune 500. The churn pace is accelerating. 

BestAt: RT @danielle_i: I just had a threesome with these two dudes from Vermont named Ben & Jerry.

ToddDOwl: Obama is acting like a rookie CEO- knowing how to spend but not knowing how to cut. Being able to print money enables the folly.

And it hit me, sometimes I get more enjoyment out of Alex's Favorites than all the people I follow, and it reminded me of a Bob Lefkowitz quote, that Ben, my partner in Ben's Friends (patient to patient support networks), sent me a couple months back: "The person who is going to make all of the money in the future is the person who creates a filter...."

The filtering that Alex provides is very important to me, and I wish there was a way he could make money off of it. Until he figures it out, I'm sure he'll be doing it for the pure joy. I know he brought the Twitter magic back to me. Thanks Alex.