Saturday, March 7, 2009

Internet Famous

I was Internet Famous a couple times last week. First, Beth Stevens posted a cool graphic showing how I had become friends with her high school friend, Molly Mundt, who is the maker of the world famous Molly Mutt Doggey Duvet. I then introduced Molly to a bunch of my friends (who Beth also knew), and it formed a cool little Internet triangle (or square). Beth's article was called, "I heart the Interweb's" and you can see the graphic here.

The second brush with fame came when I was cited in a blog post by Mike Weiksner called, "Why Celebrities Love Twitter." Mike and I had a nice talk in downtown Palo Alto and he shared the insight that Celebs love Twitter because they can control the message. US Weekly is superflous in the new world. They just go right to the fans. I had never thought of it that way, but it made perfect sense. There's a lot more meat on the bone when you click through to read Mike's post. Mike is working on a cool Internet application called Social Feet. Check it out.