Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday Chill Music (3/13/09)

I had a long but fun week in LA at an investment conference. I left the conference incredibly bullish on the future. Yes, the economic headlines suck right now, but there are so many people doing so many cool and interesting things...AND they are having success with them, right now, in this terrible climate. I can't wait to see these companies explode when things get better. Here's a picture I took on my blackberry while jogging along Ocean Ave. I love Santa Monica.

I was at a bachelor party last weekend and this song, "I Love College," played non-stop I'm not sure college kids even like it. I do know that 30 to 35 year old, white, ex-frat guys love it.

Here's another excellent song off the Dark was Night disc, called Gentle Hour by Yo La Tengo. This has an excellent shot at being on Sunday Morning 13. The song is hosted at LuvvBuggBlog . Did you know that you can listen to a string of continuous songs on LuvvBuggBlog ? Click the bar at the bottom of the screen and it streams about 60 songs. I post a song there everyday. Get in the habit of checking it out, and you'll be doing me a favor.

After the conference on Wednesday night, I got to hang with Jessica P, Kathryn C and Matt Belloni. We did a lot of catching up at a divey bar that had a great soundtrack. This song, Kings of Leon - Sex On Fire, was playing in the background. 

Finally, here's a great song by the Shins that came on my iPod when I was jogging and took that picture. The Shins - Gone For Good
Have a great weekend.