Friday, March 6, 2009

Friday Chill Music (3/6/09)

Kenny Kellogg Headquarters is empty this fine Friday as I'm in Scottsdale for some Spring Training and a bachelor party. About the time you'll be reading this, we'll be hanging with Andrew Miller, an old Kellogg friend, discussing how good the Giants will be this year.

Here's your blast of Friday Chill Music.

Grizzly Bear - Deep Blue Sea -  Found this on the excellent Dark was the Night disc. There will be many more quotes from that album in future Chill Musics.

The New Pornographers - Hey Snow White  - this is one of my favorite songs that have come along recently. Love it. What a great band, they always deliver. Another great song from Dark was the Night.

Finally, an epic Yeah Yeah Yeah's playlist put together by Mr. Derek Leedy. Big thanks Leedy.

yeah yeah yeahs - blitz