Saturday, February 28, 2009

Reblog: Working in Hollywood

via Mark Lisanti

In case anyone was wondering what it's like to work in the hypocrisy of Hollywood


12:30pm - I read in the Hollywood Reporter that Warners is remaking THE NEVERENDING STORY.  I think to myself that they should never remake such a classic and how it’s exemplary of everything wrong with movie development today.

1pm - I post the following to my facebook status: “Matthew is calling a cease and desist on the Neverending Story remake. Love you guys… but seriously.”

1:44pm - My agent, clearly not having seen my Facebook status, sends me the following email: “RE: NEVERENDING STORY.  You familiar with it?  Resonate for you at all?”

1:45pm - I respond to my agent: “Yes, hugely, let’s go for it.”

1:49pm - I erase my facebook status.

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