Saturday, February 28, 2009

Promotion Request to Jott

I was reading Fred Wilson's presentation on the net today. I'm embedding it below. I clicked play and then I noticed his message, "Here's the deck I used. I didn't record the talk so there's no audio track. Sorry about that."

I read Fred Wilson enough to have a decent idea about what he was talking about but I still feel let down by the medium, and casual readers are really missing out.

The fine folks at Jott should make a standard offer to Fred Wilson and some other high profile bloggers, like Seth Godin, etc, that they will transcribe every speech for them. Bring a tape recorder, record, then send to us. We (Jott) will do the rest. Jott would get mad brand promotion and associate itself with high profile people that its customers can relate to. 

The transcription doesn't need to be perfect, because we'll have the visual aid. But we need more and Jott can give it to us.