Friday, February 27, 2009

Friday Chill Music

It's Friday again. Wow, that was fast!

First up is the live, acoustic set that M. Ward did for NPR  last week. I listened to it on Thursday at work with my headphones on, and it was magical. Listen to this immediately, preferably with headphones for better sound quality.

Next is Chairlift, a great song called Bruises . It's the ipod song, I know. But it's really good.

I'm back on another Bon Iver kick. I think it's all the rainy weather we've been having. Here is BonIver - Creature Fear Live

The sounds quality on this Tom Petty & Pearl Jam cover of American Girl  isn't great. But it's a fantastic song, sung by two of my favorites.

Finally, here's a neat little song I found on I'm All Ears called More of This by Vetiver