Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Hollrr About the Products You Love

My buddy David Hegarty has started a new company called Hollrr. The idea is to list products you love, and write a quick review about them. You can then express your support for the product by embedding a widget on your blog or social network. Once you list a product on Hollrr, you make it that much easier for the next person to give a shout out to that very same product, so you're doing a double public service.

It's a great idea and best of all, he's targeting small companies. The Molly Mutt's and Sugar Paper's of the world can always use the attention. Even Sports Basement can use a rooting section.

I've embedded the widget on the sidebar of my blog, check it out when you come to the blog. Please check out Hollrr, it's a great idea built by someone who is taking a real chance, and who can use your support.