Tuesday, August 26, 2008


My Kellogg classmate, Victor Kucek, is building a really cool ticketing business called Tixem. If you have an event, he'll handle the ticketing, no matter how small it is, for free. Tixem has over $1B of tickets on sale. From Tony Bennett for your parents, to James Blunt for the Marina hipster, or a baseball game for your nephew.

Tixem has rolled out a Facebook App that let's you plan a fun night with friends, then buy the tickets. Pretty neat stuff.

Victor can help the little guy because he has built a technology system that has very little overhead. It's the new world people, and technology is making everything cheaper, including selling (& buying) tickets.

One other cool thing, he's giving Kenny Kellogg readers a 15% discount. Just type in "Kellogg" into the discount code line during the transaction portion, and you save 15%. Don't thank me, thank Victor, and buy some tickets from him.