Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Sir Links-A-Lot (August 6, 2008)

Been collecting some interesting links over the last few days. Check it.

Cool article in the NY Times on dating and love for those in their early 20's. It's a fantastic article written by Joel Walkowski, a USC student. Very insightful and well written.

A nice Alameda Judge is going to save us from those ridiculous contract cancellation fees wireless carriers charge us. If there weren't automatic contract renewals when you change your pricing plan and huge cancellation fees, I would be talking to you on an iPhone. the best product in the market. Shouldn't the best product win? (thanks EB for sending)
Ever been in a foreign country and need a couch to crash on? Well my new friend Dan Hoffer started a couch surfing site, It seems like a great way to meet new people and get a cheap place to stay. Check it out.
Cool article on the founders of Bonobos, a new kind of pants company. The pants fit the "stocky" type of guy, yours included. I'm waiting for the price point to come down, but I've heard rave reviews from Alex Bain (where I found this article too).