Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Zemanta & Reblog

Big news in the blogging world as Zemanta, a blogging tool that suggests pictures, links, etc while you are typing a blog entry, has taken a major leap forward. Zemanta makes loading pics into blog entries so much easier and it's a pretty good little tool.

Well the tool just took a major leap forward by incorporating the "Reblog" capability that has been the secret to Tumblr's success. A "reblog" on Tumblr consists of hitting a simple button and the post you are reposting automatically populates in your entry, with a link to the original writer. Zemanta is bringing this feature across blogging platforms, so people like me who use Blogger, will have this feature. Reblogging is important because it makes blog posts much more viral and guarantees the original poster will get the credit for the deep thought.
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