Saturday, July 26, 2008

Wilco Music, Pearl Jam Thoughts

If you are in sunny San Francisco, I'd advise you to stop reading this blog immediately, and go outside. It's outrageously nice outside and I'll be indulging in sunshine in a few minutes. However, if you are hungover (which I totally understand) or are geographically-challenged, then belly up for an epic listening session.

I Am Fuel, You Are Friends published a ton of Wilco covers, and I mean a ton. Head on over to Part 1 or you can check out Part 2, regardless, you won't be disappointed.

While you are listening to the toons, check out Bob Lefsetz's letter about the music industry. I found it inspiring to think that the little guys can get control over their careers and their music, from the labels. He credits the free release of In Rainbows (a Kenny K favorite) with pushing the movement over the top, but here is one of my favorites quotes:

It started with Pearl Jam. The first band made by MTV to turn its back on television. Pearl Jam was fearful of losing control, being defined by the medium instead of itself. It took back control. The medium looked elsewhere, but Pearl Jam can still play arenas, whereas everybody else who whored himself out for exposure can barely work, if they can work at all. How many tickets could Limp Bizkit sell today?

Enjoy the Wilco music and great editorial. Have a great Saturday.