Friday, July 18, 2008

Sir Links-Alot (7/18/08)

Lot's of interesting things going on the in the world. Time for another Sir Links-a-lot column.

Wells Fargo and Intel kick some serious butt. In cyclical downdraft, the well managed companies take advantage and build an even stronger company. (Thanks for pointing this out Barrett. I'm a big believer in being the last one standing too). Also, before you run out and buy Intel stock, remember it's a supplier and doesn't always have great visibility into end user demand.

Ken Rice writes in to talk about a music site that let's musicians collaborate real-time over the Internet. This is incredible stuff.

Eric Becker writes in to talk about an article on Healthcare costs he liked. He's a Ph D at Berkeley and knows this stuff. Healthcare underwriting standards and pricing is really interesting to me because it shows the cycle of greed and fear at work over a long term. You can also see companies who develop a competitive advantage (Information Systems or an emphasis on Preventative Care) start to underprice their competition and grow. Capitalism is beautiful sometimes.

"Recession Plagued Country Demands New Bubble to Invest In" - says the Onion

I met Erik Rabasca via an intro by Mark Himmelsbach. He's in advertising but also makes great music. I really enjoyed his MySpace page. Industry Soul Killer is my favorite.

The Walm writes in with a great anecdote from the Economist and Freakonomics blog. It involves pasties.

Say what you want about Airlines, and I'll say a lot of bad things, here is how they are trying to save money so they can stay in business. Really interesting.