Saturday, April 26, 2008

Small Business Love

I grew up in my mother's small business, Elegant Clutter, so I know how nice a few kind words can feel. Running a small business is incredibly hard but when you build relationships with your customers and they start spreading the word for you, it's magical.

While I was waiting for my car at Big O Tires in Dublin this morning, I decided to post a review on Yelp for some of my favorite small businesses. My review of Big O can be found here. It felt great to help out someone who helps me out every time I need it. Take a few minutes to do the same for the small businesses in your life and post a few links in the comments section below.

Here are my favorites:
Ella's Restaurant - quite possibly the best breakfast in the world. No joke.

Doctor Mark Savant - great guy and great doctor. I've been blessed with a lot of great physicians over the years but Dr. Savant is my favorite.

Doctor Kevin Growney - best dentist ever. I would say that approximately 25 of my friends go to Dr. Growney. He's a cool dude, only does what is necessary and makes the best wantons at his Christmas party.

Little Star Pizza - Ananda and Taylor both recommended it so we went there Friday night. You can read more on my review but it deserves a spot in my coveted "pizza rotation."