Friday, April 18, 2008

Sir Links-Alot (4/18/08)

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Dear Loyal Reader,

On Friday's I'll try to do a quick links post accompanied by a sweet picture of a knight in shining armer. Interpret that as you may.

Sweet New Yorker on Clooney. The guy is pretty darn cool. I'm not even sure why I liked this article, just like I'm not even sure why I like him.

How cellphones can change the world from the NY Times. This is something we talked a lot about in our entrepeneurial and innovation classes at Kellogg.

Google Checkout Earth Day. A cool promotion run by Google and one of my Kellogg friends, Anita Barci, had a big hand in it. On a sidenote, I learned about this from Meredith Papp's Facebook Status update before I even saw it in my own Gmail account from Anita. The world is changing again.

Hilarious post from Fake Steve Jobs. Not only does he pretend like he's Fake Steve, but then he pretends like he knows Woz and then makes up this ridiculous situation. Just an amazing writer.

Great Moments in Directionally correct from Paul Kedrosky. All my consulting friends use this phrase all the time. It means you didn't get a high enough "n" or enough samples to really know what you are talking about.

Great post from Fred Wilson on the difference, or maybe not such a difference, in Facebook and Wordpress (a blogging tool). This is why I think Tumblr is such a cool service. You get both.

Have a great Friday night, happy early birthday Ananda Baron!