Friday, April 4, 2008

Friday Music

Quickie Friday music selection today. The Kenna's are in SF and we're going to do a nice little trip to Napa. Should be a lot of fun. Cheers to old Kellogg friends visiting San Francisco.

Now, to the music...

My new apartment has a dishwasher. This is big news for me. This song reminds me of the old days, B.D. (Before Dishwasher).
Wilco - Hate It Here (SNL 03-01-2008)

The new Counting Crows is pretty good. Not mind blowing, but good. Here is one of my favorite songs from the album.
Counting Crows - When I Dream of Michelangelo

Mr. Eddie Vedder will be playing Berkeley next week. I will be there. It will be amazing. Tears may be shed. :)
I hope he plays this song.
Eddie Vedder - I Am A Patriot (Madison Square Garden 2000)
"And the river shall open for the righteous...someday..."