Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Pics via Tumblr

As you, faithful reader, can probably tell, I'm really getting into this Tumblr Blog thing. I may even move this blog over there. Don't worry, you'll just be able to go to the same address and I'll give you plenty of warning.

Tumblr is so easy, and it has a Follow function for adding people who post cool stuff to your "news feed." It's easy to take photos from your camera and email them into Tumblr. Did I mention there is also a "Reblog" button that takes the contents of one blog and immediately puts it onto yours, and gives you a spot to comment on it. That's amazing. Today, I reblogged two amazing photos. One of Miss Natalie Portman and another of Obama and emailed in one of Danville.

Click here to see the photos.