Tuesday, February 26, 2008

New Daddy

Rishi Chandra just had a baby (actually his wife did). And he's blogging about it. Rishi is one of the funniest guys you are ever going to meet anyways, but he's especially funny when he's sleep deprived and talking about his kid. Check him out.

My favorite quotes so far:

  • Ever heard the phrase "sleeping as soundly as a baby"? Well, it is all a lie unless "soundly" refers to tons of grunts, gurgles, and wimpers throughout the night. It took us a few nights to not panic on every noise during the night. Be warned.

  • Parents who say their babies sleep through the night are liars. That is what I plan to believe.

  • The poop schedule, or lack thereof. We diligently tracked all of his dirty diapers for the first few weeks to learn...he goes through a lot of dirty diapers (10 a day!). We even started measuring his "poops" on a 1-10 scale, until we started hitting a few elevens and twelves and had to reset our scale.

  • Sadly, rumors of baby boys peeing on you during a diaper change are true (with surprising distance!). Roshan even got our doctor.

  • Sleep deprivation has some interesting consequences. Short-term memory is history. One time I soaped myself three times in the shower before I realized what I was doing...luckily I ran out of body wash or I could have been in there for hours.