Friday, February 8, 2008

Friday Chill Music (February 8, 2008)

Chill Music Friday is picking up steam with some great comments and emails last week. I hope you like the following tracks. Suggestions are always appreciated.

Pearl Jam - Oceans (the MTV Unplugged version with epic video)
Eddie Vedder's been getting a lot of well deserved love with the Into the Wild disk. I figured we should kick it old school (and video-style) for this song, which has some of my favorite lyrics. Warning, sensitivity alert!
Pearl Jam will be playing Bonnaroo this year, along with Metallica, Jack Johnson and My Morning Jacket. Holy cow. Tickets go on sale very soon.

Ryan Adams - English Girls Approximately
Bryan Kenna introduced me to Ryan Adams while at Kellogg. I stumbled upon this song by buying the soundtrack to Elizabethtown, a Cameron Crowe movie. Crowe always has great soundtracks.

Jack Johnson with Alo - I Shall Be Released
About a year ago I got a little tired of Jack Johnson, but over the last 6 months I've had the pleasure of watching Tucker play Jack Johnson songs on the guitar for his 1.5 year old son. The kid loves the music and watching him dance to the guitar has really rejuvenated my love of Johnson's music. Jack (we're practically on a first name basis) put out a new disk this week. I haven't had time to fully digest it so I'm throwing out one of my favorite songs from the tribute CD to The Band.