Friday, February 22, 2008

Friday Chill Music (February 22, 2008)

Quick Friday Chill Music today. Sorry for not doing one last week but I was traveling to Chicago all day. I'm embedding an Imeem playlist from now on so you don't have to click on individual links. You just click on the "Launch Stand Alone Player" at the bottom to listen to the whole song. If you are reading this in Google Reader, you'll probably need to click to the page because it's not supporting Imeem yet.

Now to the music. It's been a rainy few days in the Bay Area so I chose the songs accordingly.

1) Most of the Time (Bob Dylan) - Beth Stevens recommended this song for Friday Chill Music and she nailed it. The song is one of my favorites, even appearing on Sunday Morning 6 and who could forget it in John Cusack's High Fidelity.

2) Muzzle of Bees (Wilco)- One of the highlights from the Chicago show. It has this great underlying beat and at times the guitars are just frenetic enough. The lyrics are tender and compliment the music perfectly. My favorite line: "Sun get's passed sea to sea; Silently, and back to me."

3) Purgatory Line (Drive By Truckers) - Bryan Kenna introduced me to this band and their new album is awesome. Definitely check it out. It's mostly hard rocking but there are a couple slow songs on it that I really like. This is a real southern rock band and I love the twang in her voice.