Saturday, April 6, 2013

Sunday Reading - Catching Up on the Week

More good articles that I caught up on this weekend.

As Web Search Goes Mobile, Competitors Chip Away at Google - so true. I must search inside of apps at least 50% of the time while on mobile. That's a lot of lost revenue for Google. If they hadn't pushed so aggressively on Android, they'd be in a tough position.

Mad About the Cost of TV, Blame Sports - the coupling of sports and the cable bill is fascinating to me. the NFL, NBA and MLB have never been stronger because the teams are all signing huge regional cable deals. They're guaranteed huge amounts of money over the next 20 years. Meanwhile people like me are cutting the cord. Something will have to give 5 years out.

At 25 Mark Cuban Learned Lessons About Leadership That Changed His Life - some great lessons in life and business.

How People Sit in Meetings and What it Means - cute and funny

Human Intervention as a Competitive Advantage - people are expensive, but they make all the difference.