Saturday, April 13, 2013

Saturday's Weekend Reading Catchup

Saturday Reading. Pairs very nicely with a cup of coffee or green tea. :)

The Tyranny of Taxi Medallions - really great article, especially since I've begun to take Lyft, a ride-sharing service, almost exclusively around San Francisco. The pink mustaches that sit on the cars hood are some of the best branding I've seen a startup do.

Bitcoin, Explained - a terrific primer on a new currency that is getting major traction in the Tech Community. It's not that different than gold, in that it can't be created by a Federal Reserve with questionable judgement. It's global and fairly anonymous. Something worth understanding.

Social Hierarchy in Elevators - men and women, young and old, behave differently in elevators.

Mark Lisanti's Made Men Power Rankings - Lisanti is one of my favorite writers on the planet. This column is always so funny and it build on inside jokes so the more you read it, the funnier it is.

Google Fiber's Next Stop - someone needs to break the monopoly of big phone and cable companies. They control one of the most important resources in the country/world - Internet Access. Google is doing good work here and I hope they are successful.