Sunday, April 21, 2013

Seven Links on Sunday Morning

Following up on my Six Links on Saturday post from yesterday, here is Seven on Sunday. I'll be doing this every weekend. I'm grateful that you took the time to read it. :)

A Manager's Manifesto - words of wisdom from a Facebook-er.

I need a co-founder - - really clever way to find a co-founder. "How do I find a co-founder?" is one of the questions I get most often.

TV's Death by Mandoline - loved this quote: "After wrecking the music industry and scaring the hell out of movies, the Internet actually saved television over the last decade. As shows began to take greater risks with storytelling, content, and serialization, the web served as a bubbling water cooler for debate and a boiling pressure cooker for anticipation. The DVR may have freed us from the shackles of time slots, but Twitter — and an increasing phobia for spoilers — put us all right back in the cage.2 In many ways, the second screen has become just as important as the first."

The Irrelevant Giant - touching, brave and heartbreaking, the 10 minute video story of a football player's batter against cancer.

How Conquered the World - the playbook on building a great Internet company.

It's Not a Web App, It's an App You Install From the Web - these guys make the beautiful weather app. But the twist is that it's not in the app store. You just go to the mobile web page and it's beautiful. That's significant because right now App Stores control mobile app distribution, but maybe someday we'll have a more Internet-style distribution model for Apps. 

Marv Albert is My Therapist - legendary sports announcer, Marv Albert, becomes Jesse Eisenberg's therapist.