Sunday, April 28, 2013

Seven on Sunday

More links for weekend reading. Here are Saturday's links if you missed them.

  International Orange

Treat Strangers Like Colleagues - Good things will happen for you and them.

Hiring Sales People - terrific story on how to hire sales people. The most important thing to understand is a good sales person isn't like most people. They have different motivations and their ability to handle rejection is incredible. I'm not like that by nature, so when I need to be a good salesperson, I play make believe like I am one. It helps me cope with the rejection but also allows me to enjoy the successes a lot more than I normally would.

Don't Let a Good Crisis Go to Waste - wise words. Most of us only act in a crisis. Knowing that, you have to take advantage of those moments.

Has Amazon EC2 Become Oversubscribed - one of the single biggest technology innovations of the last 10 years is Amazon Web Services (AWS). Developers can plug into the Amazon back-end web hosting and get their ideas up on the Web quickly and cheaply. Almost every big Internet startup service you use began on Amazon and most still run on it. But it's hard for anyone, even Amazon, to build enough datacenters to keep up with Internet traffic growth. If AWS becomes oversubscribed, it will get slow and more costly, hurting the whole startup ecosystem. Keep an eye on this.

Big Macs vs. the Naked Chef - standardization is not your friend unless you have massive scale. And even then all you get is a mediocre product.

The Bucket Maiden Voyage - Colbert pioneers remote robots.

A Cover of Skinny Love - I'll leave you with a beautiful song.