Friday, March 29, 2013

Weekend Reading - Saturday Links

Some Saturday morning reading for you. Hope you like it.

When Yahoo bought that 17 year old's app for $30M, this is the first thing I thought of too.

Great observation by Paul Graham on the best entrepreneurs. (this is good and bad btw)

The people on Ben's Friends network are so courageous. Occasionally I see messages like this and it breaks my heart and makes me so thankful for my health.

The 7 questions you should answer in a startup pitch deck by my friend Tomas at Redpoint. This pretty much goes for any business you are starting. But I wouldn't worry so much about proving it's a huge business. Most big businesses start as a hobby or little project at first, and then turn into something huge down the line. I guarantee you Mark Zuckerberg didn't worry about justifying how big The Facebook would get when he started.

Strikeouts on the Rise - great analysis by the New York Times. If your brain is wired like mine, you'll enjoy the graphics. I love how much statistical analysis is available to sports fans nowadays.

Worst bailout forever. There are some great points about what the botched Cyprus bailout did to the rest of Europe.

My friend Mark Lisanti on John Hamm' :)

Baseball season is almost here and Buster Posey signed a contract that made him a Giant for life. Happy day  for this fan.

Buster Posey