Saturday, March 23, 2013

Lots of Links

I put together some stories from the week for you. :)

Speculation Regarding A Possible Smartband from Apple - Neven Morgan is a great blogger. Some cool out of the box thinking here if you like Apple's products.

The Rise of Bitcoin - A few years ago some eccentric software developers started a new online currency called Bitcoin. It has the advantage of not being controlled by irresponsible central bankers. But will it survive the ups and downs of a new currency? Who knows. But it has some real advantages.

Lights, Cameras, Revolution - A new system of cameras that follow basketball players everywhere on the court and software analysis of those movements is turning basketball into a "Moneyball" sport. Pretty neat.

Boredom is Burdensome - true dat.

Changing My Operating System - Derek Sivers is one of my favorite bloggers. Read the whole thing.

Golden Gate Bridge