Sunday, March 31, 2013

Sunday Reading

Happy Easter! I put together some more interesting articles from the week.

Really cool weather forecasting website called These guys do great weather visualizations. It's fun to check the weather with their apps.

The Evolution of King James - one of the best sports analysis articles I've ever read. Loved the shot charts that show how much his game has changed.

How to Force Ethics on the Food Industry - written by my friend Graham Mudd's dad. Great article from a former industry insider.

How Can I Get My First Clients - great advice. It's been such a pleasure to watch my girlfriend, Vanessa, do this all on her own. She's built a thriving business and so can you.

Serving the poor, but Operating Like a Business - the One Acre Fund is amazing. It was started by a Kellogg student one year ahead of me. Talk about changing thousands of people's lives for the better. These folks do it incredibly well.

The Key to Happiness is Being Busy - I'm a believer.

Chris Cornell's Seasons - Love this song.