Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sunday Links

Things slowed down this weekend and I caught up on some reading. Here are some links to articles I liked:

83% of the Radiologists Missed the Gorilla - What are you missing?

Taxis and the Shortest Route - The second paragraph is good. Interesting advice on who to call first if your car is stolen. Makes sense.

The Indiepocalypse - "We're at the beginning of an indiepocalypse — a global shift in how culture is made, from a traditional publisher model to independently produced and distributed works.

Artists that were royally screwed over in the past now have an alternative."

Inverse Paranoia - "Great entrepreneurs have a sense of "inevitability" in the belief in their idea and mission. Jim Clark refers to it as "willing a company into existence"."

Profile on the CEO of Evernote - An app I use everyday. I had never heard of this guy before, but he has built a great app and a great company.

Why I Just Joined Boundless - my buddy, Healy Jones, joined a promising startup as VP of Marketing.