Wednesday, February 13, 2013

It's all who you know? | Derek Sivers

Read the whole post, it's a great story.

"He walked into the classroom just before class began, and I heard him ask the teacher, “Oh, I thought we were going to have food.”The teacher said, “Oh, no, sorry, I thought you ate already! Didn't you have lunch?”Mark said, “Damn. No. And it's a two hour class. Oh well.”Hearing this, I quickly ran out of the room and called Supreme's Pizza, asking them to deliver three large pizzas to classroom #115.45 minutes later, the pizzas showed up. I gave one to Mark and shared two with the class.He smiled at me and said, “Good move. I owe you one. Here's my card. Call me any time, and let me know how I can help. When you come to New York City, I'll be happy to meet up.”For the next two years, I took him up on that, sending him my new songs for feedback, and he'd tell me his insights and advice about the music industry."