Saturday, February 16, 2013

Alex White and Moneyball for Music

I've been friends with Alex White for 5+ years. He was a Northwestern Undergrad when I was at Kellogg and John Hamilton introduced me. Now he is being profiled in magazine articles. - Moneyball for Music

About four years ago he called me and wanted to discuss what to do with his music startup, The Next Big Sound (NBS). It wasn't working and he wasn't sure what to do. He put the NBS into a holding period and was flying into SFO to hook up with a band and be their road manager for 3 months. To say I was envious was an understatement.

I picked him up at SFO, we drove to the city and hashed things out on the way and at Happy Hour. I dropped him off at his friends house that night wondering what would happen to him. One thing was sure, he was super talented and mature beyond his years.

A year later he had finished his band gig, entered the TechStars incubator for startups and completely retooled The Next Big Sound. He raised a couple rounds of venture capital and has built a great business.

What a great story. Congrats Alex!