Monday, September 26, 2011

Update on Ben's Friends

We've been busy creating new networks for Ben's Friends and doing more publicity on Facebook.

  • If you "Like" our Ben's Friends Facebook Page - you can enter into a promotion to win a beautiful Sugar Paper Print. Also, anyone you invite and who Likes our page gives you another entry into the sweepstakes. We're publicizing our Facebook presence much more because about 25% of the new patient members find us there now, and that % is increasing very quickly.
  • We started a Hepatitis C support group recently. One of our ace Moderators, Michael "Bones" Jones is running the group. Bones recovered from the condition and really wants to help others.
  • Another new network is the United with Disabilities Support Group - this is a more general group than we have started before, but JC, another ace moderator, felt strongly there was a need.
  • Our new ADHD Support Group has been growing nicely with Eric & Larry Becker's help.
Please help us by Liking our Facebook Page and spreading the word!