Monday, June 28, 2010

This Really Happened - Pop a Shot

Schweif's birthday was two weekends ago and we re-lived his formative post-college years in the Marina via a scavenger hunt full of challenges. One of those challenges was Pop A Shot at Mauna Loa. Now, those happened to be my formative post-college years too and one thing I got really, really good at was Pop A Shot at Mauna Loa.

Maybe too good. Definitely too good. Way too good at Pop A Shot.

Before I took my turn to shoot, I turned to Meghan, Matt & Vanessa (my teammates) and said, "I may be better at Pop A Shot than anything else in my life." They looked at me in a weird way.

Then I shot a 71, which is the world record as far as I know.

At that moment, everything in the world made sense.