Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Kati on the Ipad

Kati is one of very special moderators on Living With Ataxia a community on the Ben's Friends Patient Support Network that I'm involved in. Aside from being all-around amazing, she's also an Apple Fan Girl. She wrote up a cool review of the new ipad and what she is hoping for from the next generation. Kati writes from the perspective of someone who has physical challenges, so I always love reading her reviews on products for a different perspective.

Yes, Apple's iphone's and ipad's are changing the lives of John Q Public, but lost in that is what a big impact they are making on smaller segments of people who face daily challenges. For Kati, the iphone, and soon the ipad are essential for keeping her connected. How else can her dog Inca get the virtual hamburgers and steaks that people leave for her on Living With Ataxia? :)

My favorite part of Kati's review wasn't even about how the ipad relates to her. It was a little anecdote at the bottom of her post.

"I came across another link on Facebook leading to video of two deaf people using the iPhone (Facetime Video App) as video phone to sign to each other."