Tuesday, June 22, 2010

State of Love and Trust

John Hamilton at 33 Forever pointed out this amazing cover of Pearl Jam's State of Love and Trust. First, this is one of my all time favorite PJ songs, and second, the Gaslight Anthem did an excellent job covering it.

This got me really excited because I've been waiting for new rock bands to start covering Pearl Jam, like how PJ covers all the old greats. A couple sample covers below, but here is my current wishlist of current bands hypothetically covering PJ songs:

1) Fleet Foxes doing Oceans
2) M. Ward doing Daughter
3) Jack Johnson covering Around the Bend
4) Band of Horses doing Hunger Strike (oh wait, they already did that)
5) Bon Iver doing Release
6) The National doing Leash
7) The XX doing Hard to Imagine
8) The Yeah Yeah Yeah's doing Jeremy
9) Death Cab doing In Hiding
10) Conor Oberst doing Footsteps
11) Drive by Truckers doing Rearview Mirror
12) Jenny Lewis doing Betterman
13) My Morning Jacket doing In My Tree
14) Ryan Adams doing Off He Goes
15) Wilco doing Present Tense

Here is PJ covering Leaving Here by the Who

PJ Covering Throw Your Arms Around Me:

Here's a great Staind cover of Black: