Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Featuring America

In her free time, my friend Gil runs an online literary magazine called Featuring America that publishes works from emerging writers. I've found some great stuff on the site so I wanted to recommend it to you. My favorites of the current issue were Rehabilitation and Revenge. Both works focus on loss related to crime. Rehabilitation is a poem written by Mrs. Boxer about her slide beginning with abuse, going through drugs and crime and into a choice: Death or Recovery. It's written by an inmate that Gil tutors as part of her full-time job running an adult literacy
group. It's touching and I found the presentation in the form of a scanned piece of notebook paper even more impactful.
Revenge is by Mark Spinrad and explores the relationship between a mother and her son's killer. It's powerful and I highly reccomend it too.

Great job Gil!