Monday, December 8, 2008

An Albatross

It's no secret that I love Seth Godin's work, but my buddy, and partner in, Ben Munoz sent this article on Building an Albatross to me on Sunday. I really liked it because Godin uses a beautiful analogy. An albatross requires a slow takeoff and perfect conditions to get up in the air, but once airborne, can fly forever at a resting heartbeat.

LivingWithTN is an org for folks with Trigeminal Neuralgia that Ben and I talked about starting for 6 months. We finally got it going when the winds and launch pad were right. It's been a blast and incredibly rewarding for the 3 weeks we've been live. We've made 45+ new friends in just 3 weeks. Hopefully our glide path lasts for a while. :)