Monday, November 24, 2008

via Mark Lisanti & via Deplorable Beautiful

I love the concept of "Via" to stand for someone else's reccomendation. Plus, I love Wilco's Via Chicago (found here: wilco - via chicago).

Anyways, two quick recs today "Via" friends:

1) Mark Lisanti's blog and the story of the dangerous turkey frier. This guy makes me laugh with almost every post. This turkey video he embedded was strangely captivating. Click through for commentary.

2) Deplorable Beauty posted some great music videos. Wilco and Pearl jam are my top 2 bands and he/she posts two great videos plus a couple from the Shins and Sleater Kinney, two other bands I really like. Here's the Edde Vedder video. Ananda suggested I learn ukele the other day, and I think she's right.