Sunday, November 9, 2008


While living in London in 06' I developed a nice little smoking habit. It went on for a couple months and after I returned to the states, I never had the urge to do it regularly again. But smoking and I, we had some good times in London and I look back on it fondly.

That's why I laughed out loud while reading this quote from the Sports Guy about Fantasy Football. He wrote a power poll of all 32 teams and there were a ton of great digressions in it. Definitely worth a read. Here's the quote.

My big epiphany: Really, the fantasy football season isn't fun. Winning is OK; losing is agonizing. You constantly feel awful about your choices and your bad luck; it's the only exercise that causes arguments with friends you normally never would argue with; and you spend roughly a kazillion hours managing your team for the 10 percent chance that you might win your league. There's just not a ton of upside. It's almost like smoking cigarettes -- it started out with good intentions, and it's something to do, and it can be fun in the right moments, but ultimately, there are an inordinate amount of moments when you find yourself leaning out a window in 20-degree weather to puff out a quick cig as your nose gets frostbitten, or bumming a cig from a group of horrible girls and then feeling obligated to talk to them, or waking up in the morning and coughing up your right lung. Really, it's more harm than fun. And yet, we continue to do it. And love it. This entire paragraph made me want to smoke.