Sunday, November 23, 2008

Fading Influence

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Seth Godin has been on a serious roll at his blog. Today he talks about the New York Times. I loved this quote.

"All the News That's Fit to Print" is the heart of the problem. It was never that, of course. It was "All the News That Fits." The entire mindset of (every) newspaper has been driven by the cost of paper, the finite nature of paper, the cost of delivery and the cycle of a daily paper. You run enough articles to fit as many ads as you can sell.These are artifacts of a different age, one that today's consumer doesn't care a whit about."

Godin prescribes a bunch of fixes for the Times. Great article and applies to most big newspapers. My two cents, is that I mostly read the SF Chronicle for the columnists now. What if they just printed the columns of the top 100 bloggers everyday, or sampled the top 1,000 and printed their favorite 100? They would be taste makers again, introducing people to amazing content. Who cares if it isn't theirs? They'll have some piece of the distribution again.

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