Thursday, October 30, 2008

Pearl Jam's Documentary

Pearl Jam is releasing a documentary that the band and friends made around the 2004 Vote for a Change tour. Here is the trailer below, along with a great cover I hadn't heard yet. The gist of the tour was to try to get young people engaged in the political process. PJ was also pushing the change initiative and Eddie would do an anti-Bush monologue for a while. He took a lot of flack for it and at the time, I thought he was being a drag. However, things hadn't gotten that bad yet and now I look back on it and wish I would have listened more.

One thing I want to get better at is listening to people who have an unpopular message, whether it's political, financial, or anything else. At times, I've had an unpopular message with the economic problems facing the country. I wish I would have been a little more vocal cause I could have saved my friends some money. Nobody's perfect but I'm happier than ever that people can express themselves in the old US of A.