Friday, October 31, 2008

Friday Chill Music (October 31, 2008)

I'll be in Vegas this weekend but jetting back to SF for Scott Barrett's wedding, so I wanted the music to be a little more upbeat.

First up is "Skin of My Yellow Country Teeth" by Clap Your Hands (linked by Fred Wilson). I've loved Clap Your Hands for a while. It's especially great road trip music. Phil Preuss and I drove back to California from Vail, CO.

Next is The Rosebuds on "When the Lights Dim" from the wonderful women of "I'm All Ears," a music club I'm in. I've missed the last two meetings but these ladies are always on the cutting edge and consistently surface good music.

Beth Stevens of Gonzo Gal brought Adele to my attention. I've heard the "Chasing Pavements" song a couple of times and really like it. Nice to put a face with the voice. You have to click through and launch the NPR player.

Hope you have a great weekend!