Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Innovating Through a Recession

Professor Andrew Razeghi was one of the best teachers I had at Kellogg. He teaches New Products and has a knack for providing just the right amount of encouragement while sprinkling in a pinch of tough criticism. The result is students that are empowered but know they have a long way to go before their idea turns into a real product.

Professor Razeghi was instrumental in helping a group of us develop our Hangover Drink, which went on to win the Kellogg Business Plan contest. He didn't stop there though. He called a meeting and asked to fund us. Pretty impressive stuff. You don't hear about many business school professors backing students.

Since then, we've kept in touch and he hit me with this interesting article he put together on the current recession. I enjoyed the read and I hope you will too.