Saturday, September 1, 2012

Power of the Pod

Ariel posted a great list of fun podcasts to listen to while exercising. I do this all the time. and now that I've cut the cord on cable, I'm listening to even more. 

Running in the 415

"Hour long podcasts:

Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me (NPR): I WAIT for this one on Saturdays. It's so funny…and often my source of current events information!

Ask Me Another (NPR): Also a funny and great source of information. Brainteasers, music, laughs, pub-night-trivia-esque information: what's not to like?

The Dinner Party (American Public Media): A blend of food, culture, history, fun facts, cool guests, music, unconventional wisdom that will make you a much more interesting dinner party guest.

Shorter Podcasts:

Freakonomics Radio (Stephen J. Dubner): If you liked the books, you'll love this. Topics from how American food got so bad to whether or not expensive wines actually taste better.

How to Do Everything (Ian Chillag and Mike Danforth): LOVE this one! Funny titles like "Wine, Wimbledon and Surprises" and "Propane, 50 Shades and Backstage" tell you how to do everything (hence the title) from how to get backstage at a concert to how to know if your wine has gone bad."