Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The 'Mad Men' finale and the future of Don Draper - Grantland

Terrific recap of the Mad Men season. Beautifully written and pointed out some great stuff.

The 'Mad Men' finale and the future of Don Draper - Grantland:

"Has a great show ever given us a more depressing season? After considering it for a few days, I no longer want to argue with critics who found Sunday's finale to be a letdown. Everything these people touch is destined to disappoint, from Roger's skirt-chasing and acid-dropping to that once bright and unspoiled white rug. It's hard to imagine Weiner improving things next year; 1968 was when the idyllic promise of flower power died messily in front of the real power of guns and authority. I'd weep for the future, but we are the future. It can't be a coincidence that Weiner left it to the show's youngest main character to spell it out. "How was the city?" Glen Bishop asked Sally after the glamorous Codfish Ball. "Dirty," she replied."