Monday, June 25, 2012

Alone, Just the Two of Us | Redfin Blog

I liked this blog post from the founder of Redfin. I have this dynamic with Ben and the other folks behind the scenes at Ben's Friends. It's what makes it fun.

Alone, Just the Two of Us | Redfin Blog:

"Where else did the co-founders get the conviction to be different, if not from each other? I recently had dinner with the two of them, equal partners after 10 years in the business, and at 9 p.m. stood up to catch a flight. What surprised me most about our night together was that they didn’t want it to end: “we’ll just stay here,” one said. “We have a lot to catch up on.” It was like watching an old couple steal second base in the back of a movie theater. They were so engrossed in talking to one another that they didn’t notice Francis Ford Coppola in the booth four feet away."