Monday, May 14, 2012

Mad Men Power Rankings: Episode 509, 'Dark Shadows'

Lisanti is a cant miss on his Mad Men weekly recaps. 

"4. Megan Draper (last week: 1) Don writes Megan a perfectly composed, two-line love poem, and all he gets in return is "Gone to get bagels, *heart* M"? How about, "Gone to get bagels. When I return, we'll fill the holes with our love"? Or "Gone to get bagels, bringing home a schmear for my schweetie." Maybe, "Gone to get bagels. When I get back, I'll slather you in cream cheese and toss smoked salmon at your manly chest"? You know what? This is harder than it looks. She gets a pass. Even if she's haughtily dismissive of the writing on Dark Shadows. Not everyone's got a fancy apartment and a rich husband, you know. Sometimes you've got to eat chuck to keep from starving."

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